1964 Cars
Sherry says: I can't comment on the type of
car I had because I didn't have one!!  I just
remember driving around in Carol Kassewitz's
car--we had so much fun but can't remember
what type of car she drove.  I remember one of
the guys I dated owned a really cool Mustang
convertible (he went to West) I did take Drivers
Ed and remember those stationary cars we
drove--I was very good putting on the brake--I
remember the drivers ed person saying I had
fast reactions!!!
Gary says: my learning a stick in drivers ed  was in a
57 Chevy Belair that the instructor used, was one of
the assistant coaches, I think. We drove around
Vanderveer.  I think I made him nervous.  Not so sure
about the 2 people in the rear seat.  Our automatic
trainer was a 1962 Chevy 4 dor Impala or Biscayne?
Donna says:  Attaching a picture of my current car, a
1964 1/2 Mustang Convertible.  It's a 3 speed.  In high
school I drove my mother's Plymouth Valiant - with push
buttons for the gears!  Never took driver's ed.  In college I
bought my first car, a 1965 Mustang convertible -
absolutely adored it.  After I got married I tried to find
another one to restore, and bought the attached.  It ended
up needing a lot more work than I was equipped to do -
just didn't have the knowledge or the contacts.  So I
called my nephew - he was 17 years old, lived in
Milwaukee and I was in Metro Detroit.  Flew him to Detroit,
and made him promise he would join the Mustang Club
there.  I told him I would pay for the repairs if he would
just handle the restoration. He drove the car back to
Milwaukee and as it turned out, he became the youngest
member of the Mustang Club with the oldest car.  The
guys in the group volunteered the labor, I paid the parts,
and the car was better than new when they finished.  I
once went to Milwaukee to see what was going on and the
car was in so many pieces in someone's garage it wasn't
even recognizable as a car.  Quite the experience.  It's
still a wonderful car today - with the same paint job it got
approximately 30 years ago!  The whole experience also
fueled my nephew's interest in automobiles, and he made
a career out of it, working for an auto supplier to this day!