Life is sometimes like the ocean washing against the sand on the beach.  It touches only to ebb away
and meet again later.   Only this time it had been decades since I had seen John at a past reunion.   
John mentioned to everyone at the reunion that he had a CD for sale.  Not just your everyday sale, but
one with a good cause.  John's friend, his drummer, had passed on.   The man left a son and no
college fund.  The money raised by the sale of the CD "ON THE FLY" will go to that son and his college
fund.  This website will serve to spread the word.  The music is excellant.  It is jazz and it great to
listen to when you want to allow your mind to flow with the music.  Parts of the insert are reproduced
below.  The "CLICK ME"  below, as well as the site on the first page of the website and the first page
of this section, have an interactive email address.  Click on it to send an email to John for ordering
instructions.  The cost is around 20 dollars US and a few bucks for shipping.  Great jazz, great cause,
how can you go wrong?  Help John, help the boy and help yourself to something good.  Try it, you will
like it.  No, it is not crass commercialism.  Just one grain of sand saying to all of the other's, enjoy the
water as it touches you, when it touches you.    
   To order:   CLICK ME!

On The Fly by John Gere